Nationality and Identity

Nationality and Identity

Defining ‘national identity’

Anderson’s ‘imagined community’

Sense of community, purpose and belonging

Not the same thing as ‘nationality’ – this is the legal relationship (rights/responsibilities) between individual and country/state

Does everyone with a British passport (a British national) have a British identity?

UK – Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Asian, African Caribbean, English etc – British nationals – but British identities?

What if race/ethnicity/religion/culture is the defining IDENTITY?

A ‘British’ national identity?

British as a ‘mongrel nation’

Goldblatt – ‘no case for a single, authentic group of Britons)

Britain as a united state – not until 1707 Act of Union

HOWEVER – modern Britain, possible to detect FIVE key themes of national identity

  1. Geography
  2. Religion
  3. War
  4. Empire
  5. Monarchy

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