Modern Liberalism

How would you spot a modern liberal?

What views, values and ideas does modern liberalism represent?

Modern LIBERALISM would –

  • seek to defend HUMAN RIGHTS
  • be a strong defender of LIBERAL DEMOCRACY
  • support and work towards a TOLERANT society
  •  . . . and a MULTICUTURAL society

Modern LIBERALISM would also be in favour of –

  • EQUAL RIGHTS for all
  • the RULE OF LAW
  • a role for the state in providing WELFARE
  • a society based around SOCIAL JUSTICE
  • recognising that we have OBLIGATIONS to the poor and less fortunate
  • CAPITALISM – as long as its problems were regulated and reduced

Modern LIBERALISM also keeps a close eye on –

  • how effectively governments are LIMITED by LAWS
  • how effectively governments are CHECKED and BALANCED
  • how effectively the state and governments protected the ENVIRONMENT

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