Marxism is a conflict theory. Unlike consensus theories it seeks to point out the inequalities and differences in society.

Marxism’s primary focus is social class and the differences in power, wealth and influence of some social classes in society over others.

Marxism is a structural theory. Structural theories see society as a complex system consisting of various institutions.

As a structural theory, Marxism looks at society from a macro (large scale) level and takes a ‘top-down’ view of the wider impact of structures and institutions on how humans behave.

Marxists believe that the key forces shaping the society they observe are ECONOMIC and based around the theory of CAPITALISM.

Capitalist society is unfair and unequal – it is based on the exploitation of the working class (proletariat) by the much smaller ruling class (bourgeoisie) who have all the money, property, land, influence and political power.