Applying the core ideas and principles of nationalism

Core Ideas and Principles: Applied

LINKING the concept of NATIONS to . .

Human nature – the idea of the nation is linked to human nature as different nationalist views of the concept of the nation, namely civic or ethnic, are to do with their view of human nature, that is, rational or irrational.

Society – the way a nation is defined will relate to the type of society that exists. Rational, civic definitions of nationhood will lead to a highly inclusive society, whereas a nation defined by race or ethnicity will be the most exclusive type of society.


The state – the concept of the nation-state supports the idea that nations should rule themselves in their own state.

Economy – a nation-state also has control over its own economy and can seek either a mutually interdependent model with other nations or autarky (economic self-sufficiency).


Human nature – self-determination is considered to be a rational idea and can be seen to be connected to human nature.

Society – self-determination can be linked to society as it is suggesting that the nation is a genuine political community capable of self-government.


Human nature – culturalism connects to human nature as it relates to how humans understand themselves and the belief that being part of a nation is an emotional link.

Society – culturalism supports the view that society should encourage and promote the unique culture of the nation.


Human nature – racialism is based on the idea that one’s human nature is entirely connected to one’s race, and have different innate qualities.

Society – racialist approaches to nationhood envisage a segregated society in which different races live separately, fulfilling their separate role in society.


Human nature – internationalism is based on the view that there is one world and one human race, with a single human nature. Some see nationalism as divisive, seeking to divide humans into separate groups.

The state – liberal internationalism sees the world as made up of independent nation states, freely cooperating with each other.

The economy – liberal internationalism is based on economic interdependency as a way to maintain peace and order.

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